Modern tools

Built by Internet marketers for Internet marketers.

Detailed analysis

Unlimited URL shortening & link tracking with detailed reports showing what works and where you are wasting time.

Automated list building

The speediest automated list builder bar none. No set up required and unstoppable once started.

Integrated messaging

Send promotional messages to down-line every 10 days with rich media, images and video

Cross platform

Hosted in the cloud and compatible with all devices across all browsers. (see below)

Panoramic Bliss

Desktop users can enjoy the back-office in all its splendid simplicity.

  • Full side-bar site menu
  • Side-by-side info blocks
  • Full sized charts & images
  • Birds-eye view of all campaigns
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Mobile Superstar

Spend less time scrolling side-ways and focus on content.

  • Easily accessible site menu hides out of the way
  • Charts use full screen real estate with inner descriptions
  • Fully responsive & mobile friendly
  • Optimized for retina displays
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Peace in middle-earth

Meeting halfway from mobile to desktop and beyond.

  • Always-on slimmer side-bar site menu
  • Full width information blocks
  • Full sized charts & images
  • All information at your fingertips
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Why choose us?

Nowadays it just does not cut it simply to get Internet marketing services for free. A superior service needs to be at the forefront of technology and deliver top notch support to be named as such.

Not only was SoManyHits developed for Internet Marketers, it was developed by Internet Marketers with the sole intent to make it easy for experienced marketers as well as those new to the industry to get ahead with minimal effort.

We take great pride in our support ticket resolution so you may rest assured your issue will be dealt with speedily. Just look at a recent screen-shot from our help-desk application to realize the measures we will take to get you going as quickly as possible.

""SoManyHits is a true marvel in design and function, jam-packed with resources, traffic and money grabbing features that far outdistances anything developed to date. I give SoManyHits my highest endorsement and recommend every marketer join this very second!

Richard Daigle

""I’m blown away by the platform and the potential of SoManyHits. So many features and definitely worth having in your arsenal of tools. I can't believe this is free to join. I'm excited to recommend this site, Well done.

Cedric Aubry

""This is without a doubt the best thought-out service for Internet marketers I have ever come across. I immediately upgraded to the 2 year option and has never been as satisfied with an online purchase, but even the free membership holds so many phenomenal features & benefits you should seriously reconsider your online career if you don't get it. I can't wait to tell my subscribers about this gem.

Kulu Preller

Marketing Director,

""SoManyHits has the 3 Essential Components for Financial Success...

1) Multiple Income Streams
2) Viral Lead Generation System
3) Marketing Tools

Don Nobinger


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